What is Immediate Implant Placement With Immediate Loading Following Extraction of Natural Teeth?

The need for dental implants has increased in the recent past and is the most preferred choice not just by the dentist but also by the patients. Such implants mimic the shape and structure of the original teeth, which means that they are directly connected to the jawbone. In other words, this means that the new artificial teeth stay in place for many years to come, without requiring any shifting or further attention.

It has been some time that the dentistry industry has been blessed with the introduction of immediate implants. These implants are placed in your jaw via a process that is completed on the same day. This process includes the placement of implants and insertion of restoration. Another way to understand this is that immediate implant placement is done with immediate loading following the extraction of natural teeth. This offers great convenience for the patients as it decreases the transitional period of placing an implant and its restoration. It also offers a host of other benefits to the patients, such as a decreased overall treatment time, very few visits to the clinics, a lot more comfort in the healing period, and enhanced aspects of esthetic and phonetics.

Should You Consider Dental Implants?

At Simpladent Clinics, our team of qualified oral specialists works diligently to offer all-inclusive restorative oral care and dental implants in Ghaziabad, India. Our services and support are available to those who desire to restore their natural tooth function by the replacement of broken or lost teeth using fixed implants that will also provide and maintain a healthy, natural-looking smile. If you are not sure whether to choose dental implants, then read the following benefits of implantation in the teeth.

  • Dental implantation is a surgery that is a safe medical procedure and has a fast recuperation period. 
  • Implants are simple to maintain through standard dental cleanliness. 
  • Implants back and support adjoining teeth to hold them back from getting loose.
  • Implants give strong anchors to bridges and other dental gadgets. 
  • Implants supplant the missing teeth and preserve the integrity of your dental design. 
  • These last for quite a long time, giving durable grandeur and comfort.
  • They are more appealing and normal looking as compared to false teeth. 
  • They assist you with staying away from the humiliation and trouble of eliminating false teeth. 
  • They have more comfort compared to dentures, making it easier to eat and talk.
  • You can leave our office with a fresh out of the plastic new arrangement of teeth in a single day. 

With all these benefits of dental implants, it is clear that you should always give these implants a preference over other traditional dental treatments such as braces, etc. At Simpladent Clinics, we offer complete assurance of congenial dental treatment that will leave you with a beautiful smile and a comfortable chewing rate in a quick time. Strategic Implant® are used by us, which have reported no case of peri-implantitis. This is because these are finely polished to resist retrograde peri-implantitis.

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