In the light of the extremely high long and transient achievement rates, treatment using dental inserts or implants has become a legitimate and favoured treatment method by a large number of dental experts and patients. However, despite critical continuous advancements in tooth-substitution innovation, there is consistently an opportunity to get better. One thing is constant in the domain of dentistry: a healthy bone is needed to place a dental implant. In the older times, implants were not popular since the patients lacked sufficient bone or their jaws were highly resorbed. 

All these problems were solved with the development of pterygoid and zygomatic implants. These came as a major breakthrough in the dental implantation field. Such types of implants have a quicker, safer, dependable, long-lasting and highly cost-effective treatment option. Both the implants are 100% secure and can be done within a flapless 2-hour procedure. 

The Pterygoid Implant is useful in providing posterior bone support, with no requirement of any sinus augmentation or supplemental bone grafts. This flapless dental implant also gets rid of the requirement for prosthetic cantilevering.

The Zygomatic implant procedure is done via the extramaxillary protocol. It is anchored in the zygomatic bone, which concludes in higher torque. Since the maxillary sinus is not touched, this implant safeguards the sinus membrane.

Why choose Zygomatic Implants?

Some top benefits of using Zygomatic Implants are:

  • Improved quality of life as the patients can eat and chew any food within 72 hours of the procedure
  • Speedier recovery times compared to the conventional implants
  • Less visit to the dental clinic

Care of Dental Implants

In general dental implantation procedures, it is important to ensure that the implants have completely integrated with your jawbone. These will look far superior and will feel better. In addition, you will actually want to use them to nibble on food and bite ordinarily. This can be astonishing for individuals who recently had total false teeth since they can now enjoy nearly all ranges of food, which will make the mealtimes more enjoyable. After the implantation, it is important that you take proper care of the implants. This will keep them going for a long time. Ensure to keep your dental implants clean. Your implantologist will provide all the recommended ways to take care of your dental implants for their highest durability.

About Simpladent Clinics

We are Ghaziabad based dental clinics that are offering top-notch immediate dental implantation support to all the patients from India and abroad. We use only the finest quality basal implants that are patented. Pterygoid Implants and Zygomatic Implants are both used by us for dental implants. When you will come to see us at Simpladent Clinics for the first consultation, then we will guide you properly. We will also formulate a treatment plan personalized as per your dental conditions and requirements. Also, the steps involved in the treatment will be explained thoroughly, along with the manner in which your original smile will be restored. Dental implants are life-changing, so you need to make sure that you get the best treatment.

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