What is the crucial difference between conventional implantology and the Simpladent® method?

  • Conventional implantology with 2-stage implants requires plenty of bone supply, time and money. In many cases, patients do not possess bone in adequate quantity, resulting in the need for bone augmentation, sinus lift surgery, or risky bone transplants.
  • The entire treatment course is characterized by waiting periods, healing time and high costs.This is where the distinct advantages of Simpladent® implantology become apparent. The method is swift, reliable and predictable.
  • Even patients with very low bone supply can receive immediate treatment with polished, single piece, cortical-basal implants. Our method only requires cortical bone areas, which exists in sufficient quantities in every jaw.
  • These stable, cortical bone areas are ideally suited for implant placement and are available in practically every patient throughout their entire lives. The Strategic® Implant can be immediately loaded.
  • The feared peri-implantitis, a dangerous infection, does not occur in this treatment method at all

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