What is “peri-implantitis” and what can I do about it?

The longer conventional 2-stage implants with large, roughened surfaces are in use, the likelier the chances are for infections of the periodontium and around the implants. This infection is known as peri-implantitis and linked to bone loss. An advancement of the infection and subsequent loss of life quality for the patient often lead to the implant’s removal at a later time. The conventional implantation therapy has then failed.
Peri-implantitis appears in 50% of treated cases – and often after the implant has healed; just when everything looks good and patients begin using the implants to chew.
There is currently no effective treatment for this phenomenon. All attempts at cleaning the affected areas are to no avail, since millions of new bacteria are perpetually created inside the mouth. The only secure way of combating the infection is the removal of the conventional implants and the placement of Strategic® Implants instead.  Detailed information on the topic is available here: www.peri-implantitis.info

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