What drawbacks does the Simpladent® method have?

  • None, the medical aspects are solely advantageous: It is fast, safe, affordable and predictable. There are no hidden “tricks”. In rare cases the desired aesthetic result will not be achieved immediately. Due to the immediate loading concept (within 48 to 72 hours), the time for extensive perusal of aesthetic variations is limited. However, our specialized dental technicians are sufficiently prepared for these cases as well.
  • A natural process of bone rebuilding is to be expected after tooth extraction. In patients with very little bone supply, who could not have been treated at all with conventional screw implants, the formation of tiny gaps between gums and bridge might occur. This will be corrected by relining or replacement of the first bridge.
  • The rebuilding of bone is finalized after approximately six to nine months. At this time the implant stability is no longer endangered and it is possible – if desired – to exchange the bridge(s). We offer individual cost agreements that include the prospective bridge replacement in the quote of the initial treatment.

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