What are the three main advantages of the Simpladent® treatment method with the Strategic® Implant ?

  • Speed: In just one single surgical procedure teeth are removed and Strategic® Implants inserted immediately afterwards. Contrary to conventional methods, the implants are set into cortical bone. Only small amounts of this bone areas are necessary for successful treatment, thereby avoiding bone augmentation, bone transplants and sinus-lift. This saves 98% of the entire treatment time and significantly reduces suffering or discomfort for patient.
  • Safety: Any surgical procedure we can spare reduces the overall risk for the patient. By opting out of bone augmentation, transplants and other procedures, the risks are minimized by the Simpladent® method: only a single surgical intervention is necessary.
  • Painlessness: After the removal of teeth, patients may expect some pain ordinarily associated with such a procedure. However, no additional pain is experienced by inserting the implants. Therefore the process of setting the implants is virtually painless.

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