I am experiencing problems with my conventional implants. Can I switch to the Simpladent® treatment method?

  • Yes, of course. The treatment costs for conventional 2-stage implants often accumulate uncontrollably over months or even years. One surgery here, another intervention there, aftercare… the bills pile up. The patient is afraid to terminate the treatment or isn’t aware of treatment alternatives. They feel stuck in a dead end.
  • Many surgical steps and procedures, such as bone grafting, are unnecessary in our treatment method. Being able to omit these procedures results in cost reduction of 30% compared to the expenses associated with traditional methods. Another 20% are saved by eliminating temporary prosthetic solutions, which are equally unnecessary in immediately loaded implants.
  • Switching treatment methods and providers almost always pays off. The conventional implants are removed and the new Strategic® Implants placed in one single surgical procedure. Patients can resume their lives with a smile within three to five days at most.

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