If compared to all other traditional implants zygomatic implants are not that popular yet. However, In these recent years, it has gotten high recommendations in the dental community. So, there is still a possibility that even though you may have suffered from dental problems you may not have heard about zygomatic implants.

Able to replace Upper Teeth  

Zygomatic Implants are the implants that were developed for replacing the teeth from the upper jaw. These implants are well capable to replace an entire arch of teeth. Just like single piece implants and other zygomatic implants are for the patients who don’t have enough bone mass to support. And the best part about these implants is capable of performing their job alongside traditional implants.

Can be used in low body mass

Unlike Single Piece Implants the Zygomatic implants can also be used if the patient does not have a significant amount of bone mass. This is due to the reason that unlike the lower jaw bone the cheekbone does not lose its density. And this property of the cheekbone provider zygomatic implants the stability to be in their place permanently.  

Implanted into the Cheek Bone

To give the dental implant more stability zygomatic implants are implanted into the cheekbone of the patient who is suffering from a dental problem. As the cheekbone has much more stability when compared to the jaw. However, as the Zygomatic implants have to penetrate the cheekbone deeper these implants are comparatively denser.

Is more successful

Having so many benefits zygomatic implants have a greater success rate when compared to other traditional implants that were used previously. Experts say that the probability of successful implantation is 90-95%.

Can be done without Bone grafting

The surgery of Zygomatic implantation does not need bone grafting as it is to be implanted in the cheekbone at an angle. Bone grafting is a surgical process when a bone is fused with the jaw bone to increase the strength of the bone.

Sometimes the bone that is implanted or fused is taken from other parts of the body or sometimes a synthetic substance that is quite similar was used when the option of Zygomatic implants was not there.  

What to expect during the implanting process?

The zygomatic implants procedure can be performed in just one go. So, that you don’t feel like losing your teeth at the dentist’s clinic. And the doctor who performs the Dental Implant surgery is sure to give the anesthetic so that the pain is least felt by the patient during any dental surgery regardless if it is a Single Piece Implant or Zygomatic implant.     

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