Dental implants are commonly used for the replacement of missing teeth in patients with partial or complete edentulism. Study of long-term follow-up results shows satisfactory results in the rehabilitation of the patient’s function and durability rates of 100%.


The classic procedure for dental implants are not free of complications and long-term prognosis can be altered by technical infections. The peri-implant disease can be classified as peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. Whereas peri-implant mucositis is characterized by a reversible inflammation limited to the peri-implant mucosa, peri-implantitis is a non-reversible inflammation of peri-implant tissues leading to a reduction of the peri-implant bone level. If no successful treatment is performed, peri-implantitis can bring to implant loss. Peri-implant disease is an important pathological entity because of its prevalence and incidence.


Non-surgical therapy of peri-implantitis has the primary aim to decontaminate implant surface by the bacterial biofilms, which can lower the implant failure, disease recurrence and parameters such as clinical attachment level, probing pocket depth and bleeding on probing, possibly without causing side effects to the patient.

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