Empowering Namibia: Simpladent Clinics And Embassy Unite For Advance Dental Healthcare

[New Delhi , 6th March, 2024] – Simpladent Clinics, a leader in Immediate Loading Dental implantology, took a significant step towards enhancing Dental Healthcare in Namibia through a collaborative effort with the Embassy of Namibia and the Government of Namibia. Dr. Neeraj Kaushik, Chief Advisor of Simpladent Clinics, met with Mr. Tangeni H. Mulunga, First Secretary of the High Commission of Namibia, to discuss potential collaborations aimed at benefiting the people of Namibia.

During the meeting, both parties expressed mutual interest in fostering a partnership that goes beyond traditional healthcare boundaries. Simpladent Clinics affirmed its commitment to providing advanced Dental Healthcare services to patients from the Republic of Namibia. Moreover, the collaboration aims to empower dental professionals in Namibia by offering specialized training in cutting-edge procedures such as dental implants.

Dr. Neeraj Kaushik highlighted the importance of such collaborations in advancing dental healthcare globally, stating, “We are excited about the opportunity to work closely with the Embassy of Namibia and the Government of Namibia to elevate the standard of dental care in Namibia. By combining our expertise with local knowledge and resources, we aim to make a meaningful impact on the oral health and well-being of the Namibian community.”

Mr. Tangeni H. Mulunga expressed gratitude for the proactive approach taken by Simpladent Clinics in extending support to the people of Namibia. He emphasized the potential of this collaboration to strengthen healthcare infrastructure and contribute to the overall development of dental services in the country.

Under this collaboration, Simpladent Clinics will not only provide comprehensive dental treatments to patients from Namibia but also facilitate training programs for dental surgeons, equipping them with advanced skills and knowledge in implant dentistry.

The collaboration potential between Simpladent Clinics and the Embassy of Namibia marks a significant milestone in the journey towards accessible and high-quality dental care in Namibia in the time to come. Both parties are eager to leverage their respective strengths and resources to create lasting positive impacts in the field of dentistry. Dr Neeraj Kaushik presented his book HEALING HORIZONS, a practical book on Medical Tourism in India helpful for patients visiting India for medical and Dental Healthcare treatments. This book is co-authored by Dr Vivek Gaur, Chief Implantologist, Simpladent. The event was marked by the gracious presence of Dr Manika Kaushik who presented bouquet to Mr Tangeni. Dr Manika is coordinating International network.

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