It is a common habit of people to get scared when they hear the word dentist. The reason behind this is that with a visit to the dentist there comes the thoughts of drilling through your teeth, long hours of sitting with your mouth open and other discomforts that are generally associated with the dental implant surgery. For many years, the pain has been the best friend of dental implants, but that time has finally come when they part their ways.

Welcome to Simpladent Clinics – Where Painless Dental Implants are True

There has been an inflow of new technology and knowledge that has given birth to a series of dental equipment that has made dental surgery nearly pain free. The quality and success rate of the technology of dentistry is such that we can easily say that if a patient is feeling discomfort and pain during their tooth surgery, then it means that the dentist is not carrying out its work perfectly.

At Simpladent Clinics, We have revolutionized the basic concept of dental implantation. This has been possible by the use of immediate functional loading implantology along with basal implants that have proven their highest performance even in case of no bone cases. These types of Dental Implants are different from the conventional ones and hence they are able to reduce all the complexities important in dental surgery along with boasting the process of osseointegration.

  • The best feature of Painless Dental Implants available with Simpladent Clinics is that these are the type of immediate loading implants.
  • This helps in ensuring that the bone augmentation is completely bypassed along with the nerve intervention procedures.
  • This bypass helps in ensuring that the entire dental implantation process is simple, swift, and painless.
  • Talking about dental treatments, root canal treatment is generally associated with torture and severe pain and discomfort. However, in the new world of dental care, this procedure, if performed by a trained dentist, is nearly painless. Depending on the case, it might even be completed in a single visit.

How to Ensure Top Class Dental Care?

The field of dentistry comprises assorted branches and specialities. In your locality, you can easily find specialty dentists who are experts in various fields but cannot attend to all types of patients. Some of the specialist dentists may treat only paediatric patients and perform oral surgery whereas a few might be specialised and professional in orthodontics and root canal procedures only.

In consonance with this, the best trait of a good dentist is that he should be completely aware and acceptable towards his limitations. In case a dentist comes across a patient, who has a problem in which he doesn’t specialise, then he should never hesitate in referring the patient to the concerned dentistry specialist. This is the ideal procedure that will help in ensuring Top class Dental Care to the patients as they will receive the best treatment with minimum discomfort.

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