Dental implant treatments are known to have a high success rate for a shorter and longer duration. In tooth replacement technology, there has been significant development yet there is a large scope for improvement. With everything that is taking place in this field, one thing which remains unchanged is that healthy bones are required to place the dental implants. Consequently, when patients have a strong and healthy bone, it is a rather straightforward procedure to place an implant. However, in the case of weak bones, this is a very difficult and tricky procedure. With the progress of technology, pterygoid and zygomatic implants were developed to address the aforesaid issue.

Pterygoid implants are advanced dental implants that require a single procedure to place the implants. In fact, these implants and permanent crowns are both placed within 3 days. Also, these are single piece implants because of which their procedure is termed as flapless. The implants are the future of dental treatments and it is expected with more knowledge, it will completely end the traditional implants. Furthermore, for these newer dental implants, local anesthesia is needed.

Benefits of Implants of the Future

Pterygoid implants are very beneficial and are the dental solution in the new age. These deliver a quicker, safer, dependable, durable and economical treatment. Let’s check out a few of its benefits:

Quality Of Life Gets Improved: After a conventional dental implant, the complete chewing function is restored in many months. However, with pterygoid implants, this long duration is decreased to 72 hours, after which the patient can eat and chew any food.

Recovery Time is Less: The dental procedure of Pterygoid implants is very quick. Also, there is very little need of visiting the dentist compared to that in the case of the conventional implant procedure. Also, the patients return to their normal routines in a shorter time, since the total healing time is considerably shorter.

Final Words

The knowledge and training need to be spread everywhere so that dentists do not shy away from recommending this treatment. Pterygoid implants are the future of dental treatment and must be promoted by dentists as it benefits the patient drastically.

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