With the Advancement in technology and high standards of surgical equipment, the new period has made dental medical procedures Bloodless and Painless. Bloodless surgery is an approach to health care that bypasses the use of transfused blood. It has evolved over the last two decades, however, to include changed attitudes toward blood conservation as well as new technologies that minimize the need for transfusions during surgery.

With the expertise of highly trained doctor this all procedure becomes painless such that even prick of the needle is not felt. Gone are the days of needles and blades, recent developments in Dental Implant and Electrosurgery has made surgery bloodless and painless. Utilization of this advanced implant likewise makes the medical procedure more hygienic.

Advantages Of Bloodless Dental Surgery

  • Many laser wavelengths either are absorbed by hemoglobin or constrict vascular wall collagen, allowing for bloodless surgery. This allows the dentist to work in a clean, dry environment unobstructed by bleeding. When used correctly, lasers also can remove precise and minimal amounts of tissue with minimal effect on adjacent tissues.
  • They are ideal for detailed, exact tissue manipulation Lasers have an effect on neural tissue that generally results in less pain after surgery compared with other types of treatment.
  • The elimination of lateral tissue damage is especially important in dentistry because of the proximity of such chemically diverse yet clinically vital structures as the dental pulp, bone, tooth structure, and oral soft tissue.
  • Lasers also make possible procedures such as perioral cosmetic skin resurfacing, in which even minimal adjacent dermal tissue damage would translate into inevitable and devastating scarring.


For soft tissue treatments, the ideal tools are dental lasers. Precise and bloodless surgical procedures are also pain-free due to the coagulation effect caused by the interaction of the tissues. Postoperative complications like bleeding, pain, infection etc are also avoided.

As the laser cuts through the tissues, it seals off the tiny blood vessels and nerve endings in the vicinity. Hence the surgery is virtually pain-free and bloodless. The procedure takes a few minutes and it heals within a week.

Expert dental surgeons at Simpladent India use lasers that comply with international standards. Safety glasses designed specifically to shield your eyes are provided before the surgery thus giving you an added peace of mind.

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