All On 4 Implants, also defined as full Arch Implants, includes four titanium implant posts studded in the jawbone at plan intervals along the arch and fixed to a denture plate. The All-on-4 system is designed to alter a full arch of teeth to accumulate the functionality of your bite and the presence of your smile.

What is All on For 4? Is It For Me?

All-on-4 dental implants are best missing teeth solution that includes a minor surgery that takes roughly two hours per arch. They remove the requirement for bone grafts to manage the implant because your dentist can select the densest part of the jaw to fit the posts. They decrease chair and recovery time; the complete procedure from adding the implants to fix the denture is entirely in a single session, so you can go house with best smile the same day.

All on 4 implants are a permanent group of teeth that appear and feel like natural teeth. They make it possible for the patient to have their teeth changed with best reliable treatment, ignoring long term methods and traditional dentures.

Advantages of All On For 4

As compare to other tooth replacement method, all on 4 dental implants deliver a number of benefits consists of:

  • A safe and quick process
  • Less invasive
  • Best for a diverse range of issues
  • Can be easily brushed as your natural teeth
  • No adhesive needed
  • High quality, comfortable output
  • No require to avoid specific foods
  • Enhance your confidence and quality of lifestyle
  • Avoid bone deterioration and restore your facial features

As All On 4 Implants can aim for a natural smile in a shorter length of time in case to other treatment choices, and with a shorter span time, it’s simple to see why it’s an enhancing  common choice for replacing missing teeth.

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