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In recent years, Hyderabad has seen its share of progress in the dentistry realm. Many clinics have come up in the city, but a few possess the latest equipment, technology, and dental surgeons that give the best treatment & care. Among the esteemed Basal Implant Experts in Hyderabad, Dr. Siva Nagini is considered as the top choice by many patients. She completed her master’s in Prosthodontics & Implantology in the year 2019. With her expertise, she is recognized as the best dental implant surgeon, not just in Hyderabad but throughout the country. Before proceeding further, let us have a look at the basis of basal implantology, wherein Dr. Siva Nagini specializes in.

About Basal Implantology

It is a specialized dentistry domain that focuses on using the cortical or basal bone for placing an implant. For this process, cortical bone is preferred which is available in the jaw’s basal (basement) region. This space provides the best, stable foundation for anchoring the implant. In contrast to the conventional implants, the basal implants come with the assurance of increased stability & decreased healing period.

For those who have less density or volume of the alveolar bone, this is the ideal option as the basal implantology is ideal for cases with severe bone loss or vulnerable bone quality. The process is that of a minimal invasive approach which means less surgical intervention along with decreased healing time in comparison to the traditional implants.With the fixation of basal implants, it becomes possible to support the other prosthetic restorations such as single crowns, bridges, etc, which bestows the patients with functional & aesthetic benefits.


For those who are looking for the Best Dental Surgeon, Dr. Siva Nagini is the answer for them. With her expertise and specialization in basal implantology, she has climbed the ranks among the best dental surgeons in Kondapur, Hyderabad. She is trusted by many patients who appreciate her knowledge, expertise, and skills in handling the individual needs & requests of every patient. So if you want to get quality Basal Implants in Hyderabad, then make sure to contact Dr. Siva Nagini.

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